Friday, August 17, 2012


The outcome was good. Unexpected. Again and again, I am lazy to use words to describe how I feel. Mixed feeling. My friends can't get through the barrier and my gang got smaller. The friends who we used to have study group and travel together. Sigh. The class for year2 is confirm much smaller. All these are not the main influences in my study life, but the human being who gonna be with me for the next one year. You will feel I'm selfish for sure, but I'm not comfortable with them. Hahaha. Maybe many people dislike me secretly? Who knows right! When I mentioned this point, will you suspect you yourself? Lol. Well, I know my family hopes that I continue what I'm doing these years especially my parents. Checked my results, it was not as sucky as I thought. I swear I can't remember what I wrote and I just knew that I wrote...err... shit on that 3 hours! 4 papers means 12 hours! Still remember each time finish each paper, I don't let myself cry till I reach home. How torturing! Finally its all ended. The burden that I carried since the beginning of my exam till the result day...finally gone! I'm now officially a law student? I told myself that able to finish first year only can 'announce' or call myself a law student. Ha. (Ah so bangga. lol.)
My heart being so strong these days. Tried to be honest to myself and listen to my heart, actually... I dislike the subject or wholly environment there? Haaaaahaaaaaa. *jump!* Anyway all the best to my friends. You can do it! :) you guys are the best!

I'm tired. Haha, still remember I did researches about other courses and ready to be a part of UTARians. Still thinking switching to a new environment. Hobby or future?
Last question, I am too lucky or what?  Or I really that smart? ahhh ignore me!


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