Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stay for me.

Would you stay longer? :(

My blog is like a California Hotel right... I can leave and stay whenever I like.
I would like to jot down every thing happened in my life, but study time occupied my blogging time. Haha. Class on weekend still OK, but night class really made me frustrated. I think night time goes slower. Everytime I feel like coming and write a lot about my shitty lawstudentlife things, but ended up with blank mind. Ha Ha Ha.

I'm speechless. Exhausted and missing my friends in Perak a lot. :(
Fine. I will get all my freedom after May. Should I apply for jobs now? After my exam, I think I should go to law firm to work as at least office girl or... cleaner? Lol. I'm kidding with the cleaner that I mentioned. :)

Shit. Public Law, why are you torturing me this much? How many times I study you, but it all can't get into my mind... or I can't understand what the heck are you saying at all. No matter how many times I read it.......... Brain stucked.

Gotta go.
Wish me luck and I will be back anytime I feel like writing lovely things here. xoxo.

Oh ya, currently I'm in love with a drama named Hippocratic Crush. It really motivates me. (Y)

Time, stay for me. Would you stay longer?

I reread my blog and noticed that it quite messy, anyway... just close it after u read it! :P

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