Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I must be crazy. KKKKKKKrazy. B2ST's come back really the best thing happen on July! weewee.
And, another sigh thing, feeling very hard to fall asleep these few days. Thinking the same problem again. Aih. Maybe I shouldn't think too much, too over much, but... I just can't control!
Anyway, ....
#Same people creates same problems again. Urrgh.
#Beast made me hyper these few days. I wanna sob after heard the song 'When I Miss You'. Overall, all songs also nice! Yeah, one of the best album of them. :D
#I am creating problems for myself. Follow the flow, cmy!
#Jobless but I like it. Since that not what I want!
#Many other problems, but I choose to not to recall it! Hopefully can sleep and just wait for my bday!

ahh. I don't know what am I writing. So, I think better stop it.
yeah... bye and sweet dreams. Sorry blog. I gonna shut up. bye.

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