Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Alright, yesterday was my birthday!!!
My 19th birthday was celebrating with all the beautiful people.

Had a very beautiful moment with them. :)

Yes! Them! and Woon Yee too.
(The bday photo was in Evonne's phone, so pinjam pasar malam pic first).
Thanks for all the Surprises! haha.
AND DURIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WU XIA with Jocelyn and Alex!
I laughed like siao yesterday before, during and after the movie! I really can't control myself.
And.. Alex is such a Philosopher!
And, three of us suspected there was a rat inside the theater.
Freaking disgusting!

CMM aka my sis treated two birthday girls (me and 2nd sis) Balinese food! yummy!
Overall everything's good! The environment too!
So Bali-ish!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes... unexpected Phone calls... and funny pictures!
And.. VIDEO! How amazing! Hey people, You know who You are. :)

I feel so lifeless today, I laughed for wholeeeee dayyyyyyyy!
zzz. Image dah spoilt.

Happy Belated Birthday to myself.

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