Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am exhausted. Very exhausted. T.T

Degree started since last week.
I cannot stop doing revision, if I stop, I can't catch up with what lecturers teach.

I cannot stop walking as I am not as good as other people.
Brush up... Still brushing up my broken English and study skills.

Don't have idea whether I can continue LLB or not, its external exam, I am not confident enough that I can get great results for the exam and get 2nd honour in Part II, then continue my CLP. CLP certificate holder can only be a lawyer. But then law graduates from local uni are exempted from CLP.
I have a doubt with myself. My dad encouraged me to continue in MMU, but... sigh.


This is so me.

I am a 24 hours thinker, I cannot stop thinking this and that except when I'm unconscious. lol.
I am really tired, tired of myself and my brain! =/


MH said...

that moment of life, one day you will unconsciously found that you are looking back at today's you and smile.

pat on your shoulder. you can do it! think of what you want the most and when you know what it is you will reach it!

MH said...

im uncertain that im taking accountancy course too :/

Helloimmunyi said...

Thanks for ur words and care, i appreciate. Anyway, need to wait for the release of the result first then I only can make decision. Thanks a lot my dear Ah Meh :)
I bet u're doing very good in accounting, no worries. All the best to you! *hugs*