Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you remember ?

Yeah, Full House. Do you still remember? :)
The song 'I think I love you' by Byul was playing in my mp3. It reminded me of Full House, one of the most popular drama in Korea in 2004 (oh gosh, 7 years ago!).
I like this song so much, my mind will play the romantic scene of Rain & Song Hye Kyo and and and... the one that I have a crush on. :) HAHAHAHA!

Was wondering will the same story happens in reality too.?

Simplicity. Beauty.

Remember them? The foxandwolf. lol.

So sweet.

Hyun Bin and Hyo Kyo broke up :/ So sad!
They're sweet together anyway!


She's Hot.

That's all. Went to AHHH EEEE OHHH UIII class today! Had fun and met some new friends!
Hope I can catch up next time, cuz' I'm a bit slow compare with them! I don't want myself to be leftout.... oh huhu.

Bye, and again look how beautiful is Song Hye Kyo! :)

Have a fun weekends peeps! xoxo

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