Friday, July 22, 2011

The first time...

L O L. I watched this.

Normal human will think : There is one girl and one boy in the poster.

I was searching a movie named Friendship, but I found that almost all the Thai movies in youtube disappeared and deleted, most probably is because of the copyrights thingy. I keep searching and my laptop was just left 50% of battery. Failed to search it, but don't know why another movie named Yes or No caught my attention, I went to facebook and search to look at the poster. Yeah, I thought it was a normal love story, so I decided to load it, so that I can watch the whole movie when I'm back to condo (Neighbour switches off his connection these days, tourtured!).

Battery used up. I got to leave (was at Mont Kiara's Wendy's that time), reached home, I clicked the PLAY button... within 10minutes... I sensed something wrong (NOT THE NARROW DIRTY THING U'RE THINIKING RIGHT NOW!!!).
Not being discriminative, but that time, I insist to continue watch it, because I can't believe I watch Lesbian movie for the first time in my life. (These few days always have FOR THE FIRST TIME appeared in my post). In a nutshell, it is really a girlgirl-love-movie. (aww...)

I don't know what to say about this movie, but hey... Let's watch it! Dare to love, peeps! I really like the tomboy inside the movie... AHH, I THINK I GOTTA STOP PRAISING HIM... er.. I mean HER.
I keep imagining that SHE is a GUY, then I only manage to finish the whole drama. hahaha.

Oh sheet. What can I say about this boy! Wait, I mean... the boyish Girl.

=) People, I am still normal. I like b-o-y-s. Don't suspect me. :)

Still having thai movie fever! Gotto load another Thai movie!


Mei said...

hmm... im not normal?? i actually think that "boy" look like a girl when i 1st saw "him" XD

Helloimmunyi said...

Hahah i mean at a fast glance! lappy was low battery thats why! =P
I thought he's a guy which like L (death note) type... hehehee. Maybe I'm bit retarded in differentiating a male and a female. haha.