Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Taken on 28th of April, 2012.

Time flies, its already a year. More than one year. Phew. Two days ago I wrote a not-too-short post for 428, but failed to publish it and the post has gone. I've no idea why the post will disappear, I've checked draft and others, failed to get it back. Suan la. Anyway, everyone who attended 428 are all warriors. Still can remember the sweats and the tears that day.

5th May coming soon, means LL.B exam coming soon too. Stress to the.max. Sigh. Anyway I will be driving back to Gajah Land tmr, and gonna revise as much as I can. Its more comfy n convenient to study at home as I do not need to worry what to eat everyday. Hehe.

I saw two articles written by my lecturers about elections. Really admire them. They're all my role models, knowledgeable or smart guys or girls really attractive ;)

Quoted from Mr. Edmund's random note on facebook: Vote for change. But don't vote for politicians or political parties - never put your faith in man. Vote for values you believe in. Vote against the arrogance of power. Vote against corruption. Vote courageously and reject the politics of fear.

I hope my country will be cleaner and safer. I love Malaysia. Good night.

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