Saturday, June 12, 2010

杨乃文 - 證據


Really love this song.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It’s 12:06a.m. now. I am still online-ING as usual. My ASS-essment ended today, felt so happy. Hehe. I didn’t do well in Business paper today, quite moody and angry with myself now =/ grrr.

I tried to study since yesterday, but seemed the things hardly to push into my mind. My brain seems doesn’t have more space to save them. Depress. I have too much thing to write actually, but my mind is totally blank out. Ahh.

I am Happy.

I do not have problems with any stuffs relates with college now.

Cannot waste too much money, nowadays I always hang out and eat expensive food. After class I just thought where to go and where to eat. Argh. NEED TO STOP IT !

I found that I have no enough “duit pecah” to take bus. I borrowed 50cents from Chris and Jo and Lithia today. =__= Not only 50cents, and also one buck. It’s impossible to give 10bucks to the bus driver right? =__=

I love ATC :D

I hate economics. Though it’s easy for them, but I think I am quite retarded. Sometimes feel hard to understand the econs concepts. ASS-essment sure failed. YES. ITS-A-SURE.

I love my new friends. =)

I didn’t do well in Econs paper. Totally sucks. As well as Business paper too. I tried to studied since yesterday, but all the things can’t push into my mind. As Birdie said, drill it? Open it’s door? Lol. That guy loves to crap!

I miss Chia Ler and Soong Huey. Suddenly. =/

Feel tired. I miss Perak a lot. Really LOTS.

Wants to go to bookfair with Jo and W.Bin. But don’t know this weekend will be back to Perak or not. Still thinking thinking.

Katharine’s birthday is on 18th June, too bad, I will not be here. She’s my duh duh. Haha. She’s very fun! And FUNNNY! :D

Oh. Now I only realize that Mr.J stopped messaging me for two days. What happened? Hmm. Should I ask HOW ARE YOU? -.-“ Maybe he’s busy with degree programme. Good Luck to u dude.

Chia Hui’s bday will be on Monday. Too bad, can’t celebrate with her. I miss her! My dear ninja! Bought her present ^^

I had a dream last night. I wish it’s REAL. Heart broken when woke up this morning. Tsk tsk.

These days, I have no money. I am poor.

Didn’t do well in today’s paper. I am still feeling sad. Sigh. What to do. =(

I really just crapping in today’s post. I really have many things to say.

But nothing pops out! Anyway, I am glad I studied in ATC, glad to meet so many awesome people, meet more friends! And discovered more interesting places and food too! Aww. Love it. =)

Okay. Crap for 19 minutes.

It’s 12:26a.m. now.

Hunting someone to chat with me!