Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st December – 4th January.

Holiday PART 2. hehe.

One by ONE.

Aww. I had waited him for 2 years! And finally he came to IPOH. I was so excited. Then I asked my another best buddy – Miss Yum to go with me! Hahaha! He was so cuteeee. And he looked more chubby-ier now. Ahahahha. I smiled all day long just because of HIM! *grins* I felt damnnnmy regret just because I FORGOT TO SHAKE WITH HIM! Wth. I am TOOOOO nervous when he asked for my name! =(


"What's ur name?" :D

Mommy side. Couzziees oh couzziees! U guys rock! Hahahaha. Cous from Australia back! Charmaine and Anson :) and I be with cousins in Ipoh too! I was feel so shuang being with u all! I stayed overnight at u guys’ homeee, then played MONOPOLY for more than 2 hours. (guys WON.) Aww. But I was so happy that night! We spend the night together! We should appreciate it! Keep rocking in my life =) I felt sorry I can’t stay longer. And I felt sorry I can’t go n have movie with u all. And and and sorry for not cheong-K with u guys! Pay u guys' back next time! haha.

Daddy side now. Jovan was back! From Australia too. Hahaha. Actually I am kinda excited about it. Another MAN back! Ngek ngek ngek. I think the most happiest at home is grandpa. Its been a long time he didn’t meet his grandson, erm…maybe 9months? Oh ya. My snacks and chocolates all gone =P okie, just joke! My chocolate always welcome him to eat it, cause the fridge is beside him only. Argghhh. I miss u choco :)

Yehyeh's bday! RED BOILED EGGs. hehe. US and JOJO. :P

THEY CAME BACK. Aahahhahaahaahaa!!! Happiest day! They made my day brighter. Hahahaha. I hope they can spend more days here. But they needa work and study. Hmm. Miss u both ^^
Oh ya. We went to batu gajah’s new railway station! Gosh! I love it! I am just loving it! I think we should have a trip there ya? Hahaha. I thought I was in JAPAN that time. So clean and quiet! Hehehe.
p/s: I thought I am one of the actor/actress in TRAIN MAN, the OTAKU. Hahaha.
(I dint laugh at any OTAKUs pls!)

baby. yan. teng. yeahyeah! mun. me.


I forgot what else I did in this holiday. Cause now already opened school :S

Have a nice day! Ended =P

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