Monday, April 20, 2009

should be post LONG LONG time ago.

DATE : 31ST MARCH. 2009.

VENUE : Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Tronoh. (UTP)

TIME : Almost WHOLE Day. :P

I joined THE CHILDREN Engagement Program which organize by PETRONAS.
Really a great experience.
I might get a chance to at AH HONG, the Malaysia motorcyclist, and surely some F1 drivers.

Let me make it short.
First of all, me and one of my friend were the EXTRA ones. All that Washit's fault!
ewww.i do hate HIM. Stop calling me MUN YI. i just wanna puke!
Please call my FULL NAME, i am not very close with you only, kay?

WELL and ANYWAY, we still do have a chance =D

First of all, they gave all of us a weird-colour-long-sleeve-shirt.
Then jump into the bus and ready to go to UTP. =)

Got a talk and an interview in the BIG hall.
We separated into different group.
And we felt bored, and we decided to go to toilet.
And we play around in the toilet. sweat.

We always want to imitate IP MAN.

SEEEEE. hahahah.

We fool around. Even on the stairs.

After some kinda-bored activities, time to watch F1~!~!!!!~!!

Representative from YUK KWAN =DD
(Kar Mun, Ge Li, Poh Han and Amieroul dah hilang diri.)

Amieroul, Me, a lil bit Wai Hou and p-a-p-a-y-a.
Don't get mad if u saw the caption :P

Ni-lah AH HONG! XD

Honestly, that day got 2 motorcyclists and 2 F1 driver.
I just not sure who are them.

The coolest library.



There are still many photos.
I already spent few hours in front the comp...
So Byeee. and wait for my next post!!!!

I think he is HONG KI? :P

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