Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm lazy today. What I did today was only copied common law essay given by lecturer.
I absent on Tuesday, not feeling well, too tired, too exhausted of solving problem, my brain just can't stop thinking.

Sometimes I dislike myself, I knew that happening, but just don't wanna or refuse to take a step to pull back everything. I just feel bored with it, or everything.

Too much emo-ness around me these days, I'm trying to smile and be happy, trying to insert some positive thoughts to myself, a little bit day by day.
I felt sorry to too many people, here I am to apologize. :) with a warm Smile.

Went back hometown last week, my friend said my face got rounder, actually I realised that too, but I thought it isn't that obvious? I feel a bit sad with what he said actually. I went back home and went to Facebook to check it out all my older photos, I found that my face really got chubbier. I dislike it. I admit that I ate a lot nowadays because of I'm moody, but, why the heck all the food goes to my face and stomach? I thought 'they' will goes every part of the body equally? At least not only two parts of my body.
How to slim down my face? Please, I need help.

Another thing, I felt someone is suspicious, I hope what he did is different from what I'm thinking right now. Anyway, he has the right... so... let it be, let it be. But... better not same as my thought!

I can't see the shape of my face.

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