Monday, August 4, 2014

As per requested.

Requested by Sunflower. He asked for a positive and happy post.! Am! I! To! Post! A! Happy! Post!
Btw, I am really happy today, if not I don't really have the mood to REALISE one of his wishes. Hehe.

A short and simple video call, then switched to a keep-laughing non-video call, although there's a language barrier but I am still happy with it! :') Why shooo cute laaa my chinggu!

Just like his character so much, his kindness, innocence and straight-forwardness made him a cuter guy! Still, he is looking great as usual. Hehe.

The compliments from him of course are one of the happy sources. Mr. Jeon, see you again soon! ;) hope he will brush up his English on our very next video session, hahaha.

太阳花,你如愿以偿了,开心吗? =P

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