Saturday, December 20, 2014


Like finally, I have the chance to have two hours talking session with kimchi man. -_-
One minute session with his brother and sister-in-law (was damn surprised, without knowing his family was with him!).
And.... a short video session with his mom (holynsjfisndnsndnd, seriously, i was like.... HELLOOOO *covered my face* cuz damn shy -.-) Without knowing his mom will be beside him ._. Haha his mom super cute and young, hahaha... his mom said I am beautiful (...alright, awkward). Veli veli der awkward. Lol. Anyway, they all looking forward to meet me. Haha. Well well well, ... alright.

Tonight will be the last night I spend my night in London, uncle's place is tooo cozy until I dont feel wanna move awsy from the bed every morning! Love the smell of the bed sheet too! I am just a very lucky kid that have the chance to explore around and have so many people loving me! Always feel thankful and miss my family! ♡ I promised I really study hard! Kimchi-man, please, you too!

Still need to pack my bags and my another surprise, christmas present from Uncle Lawrence! Nite nite! :)

P/s: Happy Belated to my bestie! Ley Ley! :)

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