Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First winter.

My first winter!
Bristol, stop being sosososo cold! Managed to watch snow few days ago! It was amazing and so beautiful! (Cuz' its really rarely snow these years!)

Now I just hope winter will go away asap as I need to wear so damn much layers everyday, and it is crazily freaking fcking cold!!!!!! I feel like I am living in the fridge, FREEZER I mean. Arghhh.
But I guess I will be complaining again when Summer arrives. Urrrm. Hehe.

Good night!


Linda said...

Cute photos. :)

Malenadu said...

Yup Cute photos and nice description we all do the same complaining when any season reaches its peak, anyways its again awkward why it has to reach extreme though. Thanks for sharing, for some excellent peppy short jokes please visit