Monday, February 2, 2009

miss u won bin!

Today Mei Mei came into Prefects room then tell me that OH WONBIN will leave FT.ISLAND. I was hahaha. well, i watched many of their videos and found that he's cute. ahhhhhHHHH!! already confirmed, and this is the truth... I can't do anything =/

On January 28, F&C Music announced that guitarist Oh Won Bin suddenly left the band FT Island.
He started as a member of the group, but said that there were long time differences with the other members and the music personally, and stopped activities with them.
FT Island’s agency F&C Music said, “The fans knew about these rumors coming out. But Oh Won Bin is the one who made the final decision. And at the end of the discussion, it was the team’s final decision.
“Oh Won Bin will not leave FT Island a four-member band. A new member will come along with their new mini-album in February.”

Sources : Newsen

This is their new member- Mr. Song Seung Hyun

He's cute....but...i just prefer OH WONBIN =/

He is a bit look like TOP. but then...i really like the OLD MEMBERS. and i dont really like it...cuz when there's a member gone, then another replace him.... seems like...hmm..ermm....

Good luck to u anyway, WON BIN =)

And..i found something on FT ISLAND'S COMMUNITY. hehhee.

YEA! ITS TRUE. And i admit he is prettier than me.....uhm...



MH was here said...

what?! Another Seung Hyun?? Hmm...
No one can be compared to TOP.

MunYi C said...

OH...speechless ;P

msr.sujuwel said...

i want wonbin back!!! if wonbin really quit, i prefer just leave ft island as a 4-people band, add another new member not original already!!!

Twilighter said...

fight fight fight
u r just a mixture of thai n indian
no wonder i can't recognize u whether u r indian or thai
wonbin quit then i join ft island lo
i will be the singer 2gether wif hongki

MunYi C said...

Mrs.Sujuwel,WONBIN will be replaced by a cutie. i m sure u will fall in love with the cutie who named Seung Hyun. but i miss wonbin =/ hahahaha.

Stop lar miss BELLA. i thought u will sit with me on 9th Feb.(trip),hmph! u betrayed me! u want fight fight fight for you? okay.i will upload it soon =D dun worry ya, miss saudi arabia mixed with Iraq. what a complicated person!