Saturday, March 14, 2009

holiday ! (:

First of all, just wanna say that… EXAM END-ed! But then….what I hope is hope SPM also end faster too :-P heehe! Hmm. Let me talk about what happened with ME here before exam. Anyway, the most fishy thing is…argh. I dun want to talk about it anymore! I MEAN IT! I cried for an hour….ish. darn…how could I so stupid! I wonder!
I hate BALLS. Especially BASKETBALLS. Gosh!

Next, SPORT’S DAY! Yayyyyy! Although RED HOUSE lose on that day, but I am still very proud of them. Especially those guys who participate in ‘tarik tali’. U all rock! :) U guess what…we got CHAMPION during the TARIK TALI. Hahahahha. Those thin-and-without-MUSCLES guys :P nananana. Stupid ah kay! I am saying YOU! (this guy is definitely a geh-poh! duhh. Playful and…LAME!)

Oh yaya. Another one. Great news for LEO CLUB who got participate in marching team during sports day. Hehe. Thank a lots for ur cooperation that day! I know I’ve been TOO OVER fierce to u all, but u guys should know, we are new in marching, the whole team only ME know how to march, so….that’s why I am worry about it. And others like XXX looked down at us, I dun wanna lose too, so….sorry for being too mean to u all lar~ We proved that we can marching rite?! We weren’t the last! Hahah! Thanks a lots~ Those who ‘rela’ tell me their problems, thanks, I felt happy cause I can help u guys, and…I can know what u guys dislike about =)

I went to Pooi Yee’s house fried rice. Hahaha. FUN? JUST OKie lar… But I really learnt a lot from here, from the basics to…hmm…way-to-fry? The rice is a bit SPICY. Hehehe. And I love to eat KAR YIN’s meatMIXwithEGG that dishes! Yum yummmm~ I love all the food that day (okay, even though only 2 dishes), but as long as the FOOD is DELICIOUS I am very OK already :)

Leo Camp is coming soon. ALL THE BEST FOR ALL OF US. Especially the form4 ones =) bekerjasama dengan gembiralah~ :)

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