Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Lazy to update my blog. It's been a LONG TIME not updating my blog! I wanted to update last few days, but my computer got some problem and need to reformat everything. Duhh! Now I am using Windows7, not very like it =/ Much things to update, but...as u know, I am forgetful, so...I have no idea with WHAT I want to write now. *_*

~ Went to Soong Huey's little birthday party which held at Zhen Bang's house, not as bored as I thought, manage to meet many O-l-d friends. Talked so much with Wai Hong =) He's changed so much, he's so talkative! Darn shocked lar wei! He has stopped his job and he did sing so much today! O.O Met the sweetie Chen Ling and Kai Yan. Still that noisy! =P Don't know what to write about today, anyway, i've enjoyed my day with my friends. Zhen Bang's house is awesome :)
Happy Happy Birthday to my dear Soong Huey! =D
Ohya! We played a chlildish machine today, LOL, got an uncle looked at me weirdly. Recalls some memories between ME and Soong Huey :)

~ Drive to everywhere since I've got my license. My dad pushes me to drive and practiced the manual-car at first, cause he said he wanted me to drive at K.L. to college. Then he said Auto is faster! And easier! That's why I can drive so well now =P HA HA HA!
But then, I am still not very good in "memorising" the roads and driving at K.L. is actually quite scary. My sis suggested that I need to take LRT or buses first, totally agreed with her, my dad disagreed with her idea at first, cause he thought it's DANGEROUS? hmm. Anyway, I am going to take bus to college everyday. I don't want my dad uses his money so that fast to buy me a car!
Since I knew how to drive, I am always the driver. =.=

My mommy always wanted me tofetch my sisters. Lost many chances to watch my xiao gui.

~ Happened 20minutes ago, WOW! The Winner had approved my friend request! YES, AND I AM HAPPY!

~ 2nd of March, MM's birthday! Went out with her and Mun Ee and Mei Hong. Glad that she's hapyp that day! She is my greatest friend ever! =) Keep smiling my buddy!
I forgot what we did that day, but after stayed in Jusco, we planned to go to Clearwater! We cycled there! I think 2nd of March, it's awesome!
Ohya, and I remembered MM praised a guy is lengzai that day, and her eyes... argh, she's kept looking at him XD (I discovered this little secret of hers! HAAHA!)
Happy Belated Birthday to my dear GG !

~ 20th March, 2010. Should be the day that attending Super Junior's concert!
Argh! Passed the tickets to a loyal fans of them =( Forced to do so.
Anyway, I am so glad that she's enjoyed the concert so much, and those 2 tickets total worth RM916! I could be so that near with SuJu, and maybe will help MM to snap LOADs of photos of his Oppa! (Maybe I can pull his socks for MM too!)
My friend said I'm silly, Money can't Buy Memories! Now only can pray that another korean Bands or my fav. singers will come and organise a concert!

Yes. And I wish to go to Manhand's CONCERT!!!!!! (Though it's Malaysian. LOL)

~ 9th March. Went to Changkat with MM and Mun Ee. Haahahaha, FUN =) We wanna get some fun before got the result. Then went to GreenHouse for our drinks, darn exhausted. Played Under The HotSexy Sun la =P

Went to Ipoh after that. Texted my cousin, Chanel asked whether she's free. SPM results will be releasing during her birthday. She's very worried,and I wanna date her out to release her tension! HAahaha! Had FUN FUN FUN FUN FUNNNNNNNN!
And thank you to her lengzai friend who treated us eat at Food&Tea there. (Such a coincidence, that guy... MM praised HIM leng zai before, and he's my cousin's BEST friend. HAHAHAHAAHAHA!) The World Is Small. *Grins*
Actually, we did nothing at Jusco. I suggested her to play Race-Car with me, she ignored me and said it's MALU. Aduii, no need bother la, I straightly went to change the tokens and gave her! After race once, when I turned my head, WALAO EH! There's many lala-zai watching at us. (Felt scary). And there's an Indian who asked for Name and Number. Ngeri!
Lastly, we went to Kahre Cafe and had our High-Tea. Finished.

~ Went to Ipoh with See Mei and Kar Mun. 18th March. I accompanied See Mei went to Edu Fair since she said she has no idea with which college that wanted to enter and which courses that she wants to take. Totally BANKRUPT that day.
Went to PAPPARICH before Education Fair. Both of them blamed me, and said I brought them to a High-Class place and IT'S EXPENSIVE. How can they complainted like this?!!??!?! More worse after Edu Fair.

After Education Fair, we went to Indulgence! See Mei's idea la, silly idea. She kept forcing us to go to Indulgence for High-Tea. No doubt, the cakes there were real TASTY and DELICOUS! But...the price... only Rich Fellas can afford lar wei. Both of them didn't say anything, and discussed about further studies. I was complaining there and....they ignored me! So cruel! Anyway, love the environment there, and there's a guy who's mixed, quite handsome. =) A waiter there. Bright Smile he has ^_^

Went to Jusco, for NOTHING. Just stayed at there half an hour or an hour. Went to Aberdeen to had our Early-Dinner. This time is much more cheaper compred with Papparich & Indulgence! Delicious too! =D We chat a lot. I am sure both of THEM will miss me =) Had no mood after that, it was so silent in the car. Unbelievable.

~ Signed up to study at ATC. That day I still cannot accept it, but...it's the fact. Can't run away from studies now. Argh. Gotto be independent, parents will not always be right by my side =( I may sound like a anak manja, but...I admit I really depend on them anytime! Time to change myself. Really! Cannot be a coward anymore. My friends are amazing! They text me and say miss me and told me that be brave =) They said they won't believe that I'll be lonely when I enter college! (Huh?!)

~ I went to eat steamboat during Uncle John's birthday! =D Happy Belated Birthday!

On the beginning, I said I have no idea with what to write about. And now...WOW, such a long post here. LOL.

Tomorrow's cheongK plan with my dear pooi yee is canceled. No worries, next week, kay? Sorry for letting u down =( I'm very sorry.


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