Thursday, April 1, 2010


Got to proceed to another stage of life tomorrow.
I'll be leaving to K.L. tomorrow morning. Hope everything goes smoothly! And..I hope that I can fit into KL-folks-life very very soon.
Kinda worry and nervous. Need to be independent. Every single thing must handle by myself.
Must find solutions to solve the problem that I face.
I told myself that It's Time to Stop Crying but It's Time to start Proving to others.
Still packing my own stuffs, have no idea with what haven't put in the bag.
KarMun texts me, she said she will miss me. Aww. Miss u too :)
Pei Ley also messaged me yesterday. And Mun Ee, See Mei, Chia Hui... more more.
Will be missing my Eating Gang so muchie.
TCC Gang.
And all my friends. & Family.

Besides, I will be missing little ghost's tv shows.
S'pore drama series entitled The Ultimate Star that I currently 'chasing'.

KBS shows.Aec shows.TVBS shows.

I hope won't meet any snatch-thieves, colour-wolves or cheaters.
I felt disappointed cause Little Ghost is not coming to K.L. I really don't understand Why. :(

Nothing to write.

Mun Yi, be TOUGH!

and...I really hope that I will not alone during my college life. I AM SERIOUS.


ARUN P said...

hi... visiting u here to see the latest updates from u

MunYi C said...

hey, thanks dude. :) visit always!