Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hey peeps. I am here. Miss my blog! My college life started, and now I am having my 4th week at college.
College life. teeehee.

Argh! Complaining here also useless, must be optimistic! Everyday is must a good day for me. But, studying at ATC is quite stressful; the students there are really smart :O
Sometimes I feel hard to catch up, especially LAW. Hmm, what to do, I cried on the first two weeks cause afraid that can’t handle well in my studies. But now, everything goes better :)
My economics is teruk.
And Mr. Khor seemed will kick me away and ask me to change subject? HAHA.

ATC is a law school that hided many intelligent students, but I don't think I am one of them. LOLLL. And YES, it's famous. I am darn proud of my college... hehehee.
Surveyed. Almost all my classmates here already planned to further their LAW until LLB or even CLP.. And I was like… WOW. I am still don’t know what I want to be. What the Hell I am thinking about? Everyone knows which pathway to go while I am still “stepping on the same ground”.

I’ve skipped today’s Business Studies’ class. Stomached. But after their class, I will be going to college. LIBRARY and COMPUTER LAB. Honestly, I feel freaking tired every day. A-level is tough for me, well, I AM SURE I CAN DO BETTER AND SCORE GOOD GRADES IN MY FIRST ASSESSMENT!
Can’t write more, I need to get ready to go back to college. It took me 45minutes or even an hour to go to college, bored.
Anyway, dated Lithia and Jocelyn.

No more new photos. So you can imagine how stuffy is my college life? ;P

Taken on the 3rd day I went to college. My best mate, Jocelyn =)
Sarawak Girl.

Thanks Judy and Lithia ^__^
And I've found another k-pop addict-or in my class! Fatin rocks! :-P

p/s: Feel like crapping in this post. And… Petaling Street! Eww! Hahahaaha!

Anyway, now I do having a great time at ATC :D


MH said...

I'm sure that you can Out-shine the others! :D :D Just do your best.. college life rockss. (aha...|||-_-)

Anonymous said...

haahhahahaa. yea, u too! ;D