Saturday, August 21, 2010

M i s s .

Really...m i s s y o u all so much.

Our trip to FO GUANG SHAN XD

Wai Yoke. Kar Yin. May Yee.
Haven't see them for ages!

my dear eating gang!

I never have scandal with him.
Hui Hui :D

Miss prefect day :(

Fishy. Biscuit. and Chicken.... T.T

Limau. His birthday! =)

Hou Hou.
Football kaki.

This guy really helped me a lot during my tough time.
Ler Ler. miss you!

Still remember we went to Mun Ee's house and play with the webcam.
Pooi Yee. I miss you!

HAHAHA. Accidentally saw it.
Mun Ee is in S'pore now.

Hahaha. Never know that this picture looked so nice after few months :)

Soong Huey's bday.
ZBang's house :D

Bryan Lee Wai Hong is in SINGAPORE NOW!

MM's birthday.
Her VVVIP concert ticket ;)

Our very first time went to Clearwater together.

Ah Yang's house.
Chinese New Year! =)

I used to hate this picture a lot because I looked silly.
But now I think it's a sweet photo.
GG and me =D

These are all photos I saved from facebook. My computer has many old photos, but I do not have in my laptop. That's why I can't upload more. Those who cannot find themselves in the photos, it doesn't mean I forget you, photos are limited! :P
I really miss you all.
I also miss the moment I watched Fei Fei and monster secretly. And..I miss sumun a lot :(

Times passes so fast, I appreciated every moment spend with you all. Without you all, I am sure my life will be dull! Thank you very very much :)

Quote of the day:
It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.


bryan Lee said...

Miss u sOooooooooooooooo oo o MUCH oso !!!

appreciate to have u such a friend !! :)

n by the way..."all the photo r the BEST shot, i guess... " hehe

Bye !!!

Mei said...

miss miss miss miss you too~~!!

love you love you love you~~!!

小苑 said...

love u my dear orang asli~
really miss those time when we happily play 2gether~
miss all my secondary friends!!!