Saturday, August 21, 2010

zai jian !

Zai Jian Kao Shi = Selamat Tinggal Peperiksaan = Goodbye Exam !


Final mocks finished!!!!

Reached home. Planned to watch movies or hang out with friends to celebrate beybyeMocks. BUT, THEY WENT HOME =____= Ended up with having lunch with Evonne, Jo, JR, Brown and Lun ;)
Drove back home. Sesat jalan. Traffic jam somemore. Quite panic but never feel scared! Hahahaha. Simply turn left right, go up and go down, being horned for few times -.-" God bless, I reached hom safely with a smile. Luckily still can find another way to go back home!

Anyway, main point : Exam finished. Hahaha.
AS will be coming soon :P But who cares! Final mock finished!
Few days later, :P Need to fuel myself with MORE KNOWLEDGE and get ready for AS this time!
p/s: AS is much important than final mock.

I am regret for not studying THAT HARD, and burnt midnight oil during the exam weeks :(

All the subjects are getting tougher and... I am freaking worry about my Business paper !
I hope I am not the one who needs to meet Ms.Coreen individually. =(
You might be shocked, but yeah, I am not that worry with my Law and Econs paper, but its BUSINESS! The subject that everyone said that the easiest. But really? the? easiest? Huh?

ATC library is my second home before and during mocks.
Ah. Picture - This is the way to release tension. Hahahaha!
JOJO and me.

Well, this is also the day we went to a concert.
Never been so NEAR with those singers before. I phoned Biscuit and told her that FRIENDZ was just beside me! SHE WAS SHOUTING AND SCREAMING AND ASKED ME TO TAKE PHOTO WITH THEM!
Helllll! Due to some circumstances, didn't took any photos la.
Anyway it's a very great memory with shittie Jo ;)

No point of putting this picca! Just simply adore him :P
It's month of July. need to sembahyang XD

Okay. My next favourite guy. YU HAO! Yu HAO!
Y U H A O ! from nanQuan mama.
Liked him so much since last week secretly went back home at midnight and accidentally watched this show. HAHAHAHA. YEAH. XIAO GUI PUN DI DALAM!

Just watch the first 42seconds. Covered eyes and play the piano.
But if you wish to see xiaogui's face more, u might continue. hehehe.
These guys are so adorableeeee =P

S e c r e t .
This idea came from him and Jay Chou. They opened a piano shop and an music instutition *i think*. Have no idea with how much it sold, but my eldest sister seemed very interested in buying it. LOL!


Don't understand putting this guy.
I think if yuhao is standing there is much better :P

Look at the piano.
The black and white. *winks*

New album!
JUE DOU BA HA! 决斗哈巴 ~

Yeah. Next target ;)
wait...I need money $$__$$
I want to write a letter.
Love letter.
for yuhao and xiaogui =P

W e l f a r e !

p/s: Watch YuHao but not JayChou k!?

I am so tired, lack of sleep these days. Needa rest now.
Buhbye! and... I enjoyed the time that staying at home! It's so relax and comfortable =P

NEXT WEEK, PERAK, I AM COMING AGAIN. yeap, again. hehehehehe.

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