Friday, February 25, 2011


Since my eldest sis went to Aussie, I started feel lonely, but I am not afraid, cuz my 2nd sis is here, though she always went back late, but she will ask me whether had my dinner or what to eat as dinner. I sent her to KL Sentral just now, and she will take Sky Bus to LCCT airport.
Tears gonna roll down when the moment I said Bye to her. Feel hard to leave her cuz' normally she's the only one who will sit at beside me, watch tv and talk with me since my eldest sis leave Malaysia.
Sigh. Hope she will have a safe and fun journey. I gonna miss her for more than two weeks, her company gonna send her to Bali few days for some working purposes.

Look through all the photos that my eldest sis took in Aussie, darn jealous. She ate and had fun like a rich woman. Urggh!!! Hahaha. And suddenly miss gonggong and popo a lot, it's been a long time never see them as they're old and board plane is a bit 'mah fan' for them. Wish that one day I can go Australia and visit them too...
Mom looked happy and enjoying there :) A good thing.

Alone and alone. Luckily I got a best friend in KL who always share and SPREAD her loves to me, and her name is Jocelyn. She'll be staying at my condo here for five days until I back to BG. Awesome. But I really scared will trouble her =(
Maybe both of us are coming from other state to study at KL, so many common things between us. She's a very good friend of mine, the thing I felt sorry is everytime I feel emo, I choose to be quiet, or will talk badly and stupid-ly to her and others. I apologize, cuz' it's really how I behave since long long time ago, and I will change it. This is really bad. Dui Bu Qi.
God loves me, God sends good people around me.
Thanks sincerely to Lobster, Ah Fee, Zi Hui, Lithia, Woon Yee and Judy. Last but not least, Jocelyn. :)

Knew a bad news yesterday. Everyday I used to park at monorail station there, and yesterday my friend's car hitted by a people and the things inside the car got stolen. I think her car speaker got stolen? I totally worry about myself and my car. Don't think Kancil is safe, nowadays human beings are dangerous, we don't know what they are thinking. They can do anything to get what they want.
People, take care of urself. Snatch thieves are always around us, beware and be careful. Especially to those in big cities.

Will be going to Banting this evening, so I won't be alone. Gonna have fun with Lobster, Fee and Jo. This first trip of four of us. I can't wait for it, but yet... yeah, i miss my sis T.T
Banting is somewhere near Cyberjaya? I don't know, Lobster's hometown! And only took an hour from KL! Haha, I'm waiting to eat seafood, fruits, nasi lemak, and everything at there! Lobster always describe the things there how tasty and cheap! I love it! :)

Yesterday gave surprise to Jo, cuz' her birthday is coming soon. Awesome surprise made by awesome people like me and Lobster! Hahaha. Me and lobster keep teasing her! Bu yao ku, Huang Xiao Wu. :P
And yesterday was the first time I laughed until feel like want ot vomit, seriously! And someone did it twice. HAHAHA. damn it. So unbelievable man! Will update it soon. :)
When good friends gather together, really the best moment. Wish that our friendship will longlasting.

Being here for almost a year already, met a lot of people here. Big money spender, the stingy ones, the very innocent ones, 'tactical' people, smokers that pretend never smoke, back stabbers, those who teased u behind and lots more. I really dislike them, back off please. Or use a more mean-er word, Fark Off. :)
Don't ever hurt my friends please, U meanie money moom. Alright, the MMM is the word i created few seconds ago. lol. And ya, U don't talk bad behind me and my friends, although I have no idea why you wanna do so. The thing I only thought of is... U jealous us? =D
I hope that U're not that type of person, and stop pretending. Be urself, and everyone will loves u more. And, please behave. Haih.
Hope and hope, U won't talk bad behind us. U shit. HAHAHAHAHHAHAA.

Stand strong cheng mun yi! Don't be a coward during midnight, again! @.@

Oh ya. I dreamed of xiao zhu twice within four days. Weeewit! Damn happy. Hahaha.
First time is I dreamt that he's in Banting, and in Lobster's house. Second one I don't know where is it! Maybe he will be going to Banting after his concert promote tonight? hiak hiak hiak.
Anyway, he's coming to Pavillion tonight and I'm off to Banting tonight. =/
I thought if I can't attend the concert, at least I can go for the concert promote. Wanted to see his real face. :P
If I kena toto, I confirm go to his 3D concert.
I was thinking to buy toto yesterday, but the shops were closed -.-"
Still thinking which number to buy. Hmmm.

Now I only realize my sis's lappy's wallpaper is same as his WeiBo's wallpaper. LOL.
Xiao Zhu,Welcome to MALAYSIA!

Need to get ready to back to college. And please, God, pray for me, family, friends and my car.
I don't wanna let anyone of them get hurt.

Oh ya. Ni An Dong's SAN CHANG DE YONG BAO keep playing in my mind, I DON'T KNOW WHY!!! =.=

I miss daddy, younger sisters, relatives who always ask why I never go back BG, yeye and people in BG!

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