Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I wasted my time. BIGTIMEWASTER.
I don't know what the heck I did in these two plus plus weeks. Oh. I still remember, TV ALL THE TIME. My dad just can't stand me and asked me to lock myself in my room to study.
I'm sorry weyh.... ;/

I hung out. Few session of gathering... Alright...
Old friends. :)) Feel sweet and warm all the time.

Nijie and Pui Ching's farewell.
Take care dear.

My darling. Really a memorable day.
Also a day I saw ChiaHui's bf. :P

hahahahaha! Looked at CH that day, she's really very cute. She was hiding in the kitchen and keep waving at me and did the V pose, the cutest point was.. she was wearing the chef hat. What a cute friend of mine. Seriously, started to miss her edi :P

I am so lazy to recall what the hell I did. Yeah, I studied contract law. A lil bit. I was so shocked, everyone starts to study and hide in library these days. Gosh man. I am still KBS-ing at home, EVERYDAY. I stopped contract cuz' i've spent a long time for it. Alright, honestly, just started Tort Law. :( I counted and counted, countdown again and again, actually, time isn't enough for me... err... us anymore. Time is too lil while there's too much to study. I just can't memorise all the cases name and those facts.
Repeat and repeat again, Stop being lazy, Miss Cheng.

Peeps. I watched 391 almost everyday. KBS KBS and KBS. My whole family gonna crazy cuz' the tv keep speaking the language that they don't understand. lol.
My favourite show is OH!MY SCHOOL! Hahaha. I watched! And I started to be crazy. I've stopped k-popping.. But this show made me crazy about it again. I saw 2AM's JinWoon (is it spell like this? -.-") his smile is totally melted my heart. The smile isn't the main point, but his eyes. Hahahahaa! =D A face that delighted my day. And another guy, Lee Joon. A lil bit looks like Hongki, he's just sooo cute during the show. Ngek ngek ngek.

Alright. Got to stop.

Anyway, who wanna go S'pore on June (after my a-level exam)? I need a friend to go with me. To hunt a boyfriend.

Now I only know Lee Joon is from MBLAQ. Watch this. So cute. xD
Never abandoned Junhyung, he's cuteee too. hahahahaaha LOLLL.

And yes, it's time to study.
Supposed to go back to KL today, but delayed. Plan changed. Don't know should feel happy or not, cuz' I will waste my time here.

:D Good day everyone!

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