Sunday, September 11, 2011


I slept 5 in the morning because of a drama named Secret Garden.
I looked at the clock then I only realise it's time to sleep. I like Hyunbin a lot. lol. I know I'm just like a freak. What a great drama! Now I only know why was it so high rating in Korea! Even everywhere is Asia! I was always saw people posted something about Secret Garden in facebook, I never bother to look at it, until my friend asked me to watch it, and highly recommend to me.
I was so bored of studying yesterday, so I started this drama! My sis joined me on the 2nd episode. Both of us were laughing like insanes at middle of the night.

Oh Hyunbin. He's good looking. Berry berry good looking!
Wonbin was like the type so charming and just like walking from the fairy tale? But Hyunbin is the type like... hmm, HANDSOME. (I would like to call him Prince Charming.) *winks*

I prefer this poll compare with another. This is much accurate. Hehhee.

Won Bin is the champion. Hyunbin - No.3.
Ranked 3.

Hyunbin's NO 1!!
Hhaha this is a lil fake... WON BIN should not be ranked after 5 !

Wanna do revision now, later will watch the rest!!!! :D

Hyunbin is getting thinner, especially his face. While me, I'm getting fatter.

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