Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello bloggers! Readers! Friends! Strangers! Stalkers! Aloha!
Quota (holiday) has used up since last week, getting more busier after holiday ends. Going class as usual, attending lectures on weekends, feel nothing now, just feel that everyday is just the same. Cannot procrastinate anymore, this statement I've told myself since SPM. Until yesterday, I was very fear of my exam, cause it's really coming soon. Discussed about incoming exam during lunch time, it fears me lots cause I just forgot that second year is the year! The year that your exam mark will be your forever there in the record and there's impossible to go and retake and change the mark (unless you fail that certain subject). The mark will be carried on and it will determine whether you can get second class or not. Fyi, u must get at least second lower only can take ur certificates in legal practice (CLP) -nah, another one year course. With CLP, you can only be a lawyer. Oh wait, must be a chambering student for 9 months before becoming a lawyer. I wrote so much as if giving myself an excuse that can take a break or go chilling with Slap myself. Stress and hard cannot be an excuse to fail my exams! I understand ur feeling, you're feeling stress too right? I'm sorry, but I just can't control my fingers of typing the details of my course. Lol. Anyway, I can't fail any exam, and I can't get only a pass for it. Failing an exam means I gifted 4k to London! I am not that generous, so I must succeed in gaining my law Degree! You bloody exam!
Today I'm half dead, first, law of trust was trying to kill me several times, but I'm glad enough that I have strong immunisation and my powerful 100timesnonstopreading superpower. I can't understand that freaking sentence so I need to keep reading it and make reference of another book for further understanding, this is soooooooooo annoying. Anyway, I have another superpower that is... no matter how many times I read that, I still can't understand what it trying to tell. Books, your fault.
Next, I almost got poisoned by the food that I cooked for myself tonight. I used to think I'm a good chef, but now, I think I don't have the potential to be a chef at all. My kitchen is all messy and oily. Anyway, I think because of too much studies so influenced my cooking. Hahaha.

Hmm, what else wanna write. Anyway, I think any subject also can stress you up, I bet if I'm taking mass comm. now, I will surely telling how stress and depress I am. Blogging to complain is one of the ways to release stress, ehh, I am now trying to show off how difficult is my course or what, but if you feel so, please forgive me, forgive my sucky way of writing all these things. 我真的很不善于表达。 I do not hope any misunderstanding arises. Hmm. Cheers. =)
Okay, that's all, tomorrow is another day for another subject. Hopefully I won't run away from house and go yumcha with friends! lol.

Good night. And happy day! Yeah!

From left to right. Cousin in Ipoh, me, sis, Cousin in Ipoh's bro (Hahaha), and lastly, cousin who only comes back once a year! Miss u dear. I will definitely save $$ to Aussie visit you and gonggong popo!

Again. Cous bro came back from Aussie.

I think my holiday is really awesome because of meeting them. Blink blink eyes* We all have grown up. I believe everyone of us enjoy and appreciate the time being together as... we seldom meet. =/ There's still many more cousins, local cousins, but due to my laziness, ... hmm.. so yeah. Hehe.


BEAST will be coming Malaysia soon for Golden Disk Award! EXPENSIVE TICKET yet at an inconvenient place! Well,  I still wishing someone donated money to me. I really really wish to see them! Watch them live! AHH MY BIAS. *immerse myself into their songs*

Lastly, from AH BOYS TO MEN!
Comedy. Singapore movie. The first 10-15mins - Boring. Hehehe. But overall, really a good movie! Made me very happy! Very funny! Memorable scene is definitely when IP MAN sway his hair to Lobang before cutting botak. :D

My mom couldn't stop praising Joshua Tan (from left, the 4th guy) during the movie. "Even he's bald, he's still looking good". Even after the movie. -.-"Anyway, my fav is Sergeant Heng and Lobang. Hehehehe. Halo, don't say I'm weird. lol.
ABTM will have Part2.

Really gonna end this post. Goodbye! :)

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