Monday, February 4, 2013

Exhaustive days!

I'm feeling sleepy right now but I insist to come and write something! Heheheh semangat! As usual, complain about studies first, then tired, after that no time, finally stories. Haha. I do not hate weekend classes, just dislike it when the parking fares up to 10bucks per day (on weekends) and I lost some golden chances to shop or eat with my busy sisters. Ah whatever la. Being Jalan Petaling students are cool, experience something that you'll never had during ur school life except... ATC-ians and... another college locates inside Petaling Street. Lol.
Next, I miss my hometown buddies! :) Really really really hope that can join chu3 cny gathering! I want to see some longtimenosee faces! I wanna keep in touch with them and take photos! I wanna put the photos inside my room's new corner! (HEHEHE. I GOT MYSELF A LIL CUTE CORNER AFTER CLEANING SESSION 3DAYS AGO!) Ahhh I haven't bought cny clothes yet. #wth. Yes. Really. Last week, finally I got the time, and I went to shop, and every clothes that I wanted, NO MY SIZE. Shoooo down leh. AhhhWHATEVER. =/ Last shopping day will be this Wednesday! Pleaseeeee I just want a new dresss. Sigh.
I'm enjoying my study life. And I like 'Easement' this topic from Land Law. Hahahahhahaa. I'm mad. I'm trying to let myself to fall in love, DEEPER, to each every subject. I sincerely, seriously, and really wanna get Bs or B+s (IyearnforA, but impossible -.-) for all the subjects. This year is not a playplay year. It determines everything. Nah. Can be a lawyer or not depends lots in this year. Guanyin mama bless me !! :( Collected revision timetable, I will stay 2months (yes, 2months) in KL due to the pack-pack heavy hectic schedule starts from March! Shit. I couldn't find any days to go back BG! This is torturing. Even year3 timetable is better..... T_T
And I just checked timetable, I left only 3 lectures T_T Time, can you move slower? You're too cruel to me! ...............

Anyway, feeling complicated these days! Friends... studies... family... etc. Haih. Maybe its me think too much again.
Whateverrrr laaaa. Studies come first!

Good night!

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