Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year - KL.

Visited Puchong three days ago! Had so much fun with the gang! Visited Siew Chong's and Woi Kang's home :D Puchong quite far from college, took about 40mins. Because of this, we stayed in Puchong for whole day! Hahahaha.

Siew Chong's homie. Her mom wanted us to introduce ourselves when she's handling ang pao to us. I said I'm Mun Yi, at first she heard Money then Mandi. Hahahaha. Okay, they had a great laugh at it. Mmmm ;p Oh ya. Knew a new friend, Joanna :)

Woi Kang's homie. We are the first bunch of friends visit his home, yes in his lifetime. HAAAA. Amazing right. Her mom enjoyed talking to the guys a lot. Haha.

We spent our lunch time at Puchong, yong tou fu place. Dinner at Setiawalk Puchong. Nice environment. Too bad we needa rush back to Kl again cause need to collect our cars. 100degree Steamboat not so good, don't go. Hehehe.

Talked a lot in the car with buddies while heading back to collect my car. Great day! ;) The end.

Tomorrow is the last day of cny ady! So fast! :( Tomorrow is my last lecture too! After that gonna have 2 months intensive revision classes! Tension! Grrraahhh.
Just finished dinner at condo cafe. Still sitting here using wifi. Cause my quota gonna be used up. The three Korea kiddos very adorable and after dinner they keep jumping into the pool and burst into laughters. Hahahah. Cutee!
Okay. Back to studies! Lol. Potong steam kan!?

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