Sunday, February 17, 2013

My 2013 CNY.

Hello! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR peeps! :) Gong hei fatt choy! YAT YAT FATT CHOY! ;D
This year, I think... there's no cny atmosphere. Not sure whether I've grown up or not, the first day of CNY at Gajah Land is totally quiet. And... I wonder why the relatives who used to constantly visit my home in previous years but didn't show themselves this year. Err... I'm not blaming them. Anyway, this made me miss my grandma and cous bro more. I wish they're here with us. :( I know everyone missing and thinking about them during first few days =/
Visited my relatives. Oh ya, and Uncle Yee Kiat -my dad's old friend, these two uncles can chat for whole day when meeting each other once a year! Managed to catch up with friends ;) And joined the CNY gathering.
Well, I got the feeling that I have nothing to talk when I meeting friends. Like... there's no topic? Or I am the one who think too much? And, cgpa, the what what result thing, my whole course doesn't relate with cgpa. And I'm not so sure what's that. Lol. Sorry for my stupidity. Well, .... I don't know how to say. And I know that few people are started to change. Hmm. Maybe me too?

Class started since yesterday. Can't concentrate as I kept thinking how short should I cut my hair. Lol. And keep thinking about my clothes, teeth, friends, family and shits. And EXAM. Oh I left only one lecture! Shoot. Feel damn stress.

I shall let my fingers take some rest. Good night!

'Memorable' night at Browns Cafe! Awww I love them! :D
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I can't wait for the next bai nian sessionsss in KL! ;)

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