Friday, October 10, 2014


Aloha! Greeting from Bristol! I have abandoned my blog for quite some time... so yeah. I am back again for a short post to make sure my readers know my latest whereabout. hahhaahaha.

Bristol, a peaceful and quiet city. Well, still need time to blend in and try to communicate much with all the ang-mos and ang-mos and ang-mos.

Lots of issues and problems happened since I wanted to join UWE (my current Uni). From the offer letter until now... my debit card in UK, my friend also wondered why I am always the problematic one and many shitty things happen on me. Well, how do I know! Please, just... let me complete one year in Bristol peacefully man. PRRREEEASSEEE.

Surprisingly, phone calls with kimchi man are more than my family. Heh heh heh. Anyway, somebody told me that he will be travelling to U.K. soon, and I really can't wait for his arrival!!!
Will update my campus, living place, studies, life, etc with you guys soon! Seeya!


attached a quite new photo of mind : Emily, Yuan Yuan, Munyi & beautiful sky in Bristol.


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