Saturday, November 8, 2014


Basically, this photo has nothing to do with my post, I am just missing Hangang River so much. I swear I will go there with my lover and we will just sit there and enjoy the breeze plus sweet talk.Oh lol, well, hahahhaa.

Just survived from the first assignment, down to two. Was dying during first asssignment, never did before, so everything I need to catch up and took extra time to learn about citing legal materials and doing the freaking bibliography aka referencing? I am so sososo feeling very grateful that Yuan Yuan and Yen Yen always be there to help me, ANYTIME, seriously, ALL THE TIME I NEED THEM. I like the place here but hate the weather, its a bit too cold for me now, (as i know that next month and Jan I will be hating here so much due to its weather, cuz' winter is coming.)

Another thing, I am feeling happy with all the morning calls everyday. How to not to miss him while you get to listen to his voice the moment u wake up (I think he already get used to my manly voice, again, everytime I woke up, i will sound like a man. People always doubt that are they talking to a man if they call me in the morning =__=) He is just a very very very candy man.

Thanks to all the lovely people around me, I really love you all! Bye, maybe later gonna go city centre, wanna get myself a gloves! My hands always feeling freeze. lol. Ciao people!

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