Saturday, January 16, 2010

The 93rd post =)
I am doing great here, but... sometimes I felt like I am wasting time.
Anyway, wish to get some working experiences after get my car license.
Wish to go to study faster after got my SPM results.
I just wanna meet more people! I am not very outgoing (i think), and my social skills are not that great, so I hope I can improve it by...finding a job :)

Three hours theory. Three hours practical.
Time wasted during the stupid theory time, luckily there's still some KIND friends sms with me. If not, I will surely can't stop yawning then slept! The old man, argh, bored.
Saw YongK & JungT AGAIN! Aaah! Never say HI to me though I smiled at them. Last time listen undang already met them, this time again. He told me It's FATE. *sick smile*
Saw schoolmates. We are not that close since standard 3. Cuz' different class.
Never talked for few years, though always met at school. She still remember my name! It was so touching :'( I praised her that her driving skills are great, she laughed and said, "EH. I DROVE TO TUITION BEFORE." ahha!
Nice to meet u again, M.Y. =)
My turn to learn to drive. THUMBS UP for Uncle. What he got is PATIENCE.
GOSH. I definitely felt sorry to him, cause I don't really drive well and kept stepping on and made the car move faster. He was so scared. I always can't remember what he teached me, and repeated the same mistakes for thousand times. He's still remember my sister, hope I won't lose my sis's face? sob.

Hang out with BFF =) Naawww. I miss HER and HER.
Please learn more chinese songs! *cheecky grins*
Gonna meet another Her next month. weeeeeee!

Ah. I missed my other buddies so much! Remember our promises right?
hehehee. Nowadays hardly date them out. :(

My dear huiyee messaged me last few days.
Now I only remember I haven't reply her yet. Hope she is doing great!

And hope that she is still with her loyal bf :P
Miss the days she sang No Air for me :)

Wai Yoke. Me. Kar Yin.

AWW. THey will be start working on 17th =(
WY told me that during cny will organise a gathering ;D
classmates! classmates! =D

K.C. messaged me! hmm, quite suprised, not very close with him actually.
But glad to chat with him, know more about his silly life on plkn :P
still sms-ing with him. I felt like he is in another world now =.=
Because he doesn't know the latest info. hahaha.

16-01-2010. 11:58p.m.
I am so moody. I am moody. I don't know why.

17-01-2010. 00:00a.m.
A brand new day.
Hope I can be normal :)

p/s: There's something happened with blogspot. hmm. The picca of me and buddies are not here. anyway, good dday to themmm!

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