Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yeah. I am still having my holiday. Feel like wanted to find for jobs after saw all my friends going out and work. I felt like I am wasting time at home and stay with tv everyday!
Already attracted by It's MAGNET inside Its body =/
But now very less part time jobs, only go to find jobs after I got my license. I think I'll only finished it on end of FEBRUARY OR early of MARCH? Its very lateeee. I miss my schooldays, I wanted to join the March intake actually, but...I am afraid I can't catch up, cuz' I am still need to brush up my broken English =( I am very ........ now, I only read some books during these days.

My dad told me to read more newspaper, yeah, I SHOULD DO SO.

Wanna hang out with friends, but most of them already went to PLKN, I miss them =(
My dear "ninja" went to work, I was shocked! She missed me =)
Aikz, well, best luck to my buddies!

My friend asked me for Taylor's A-Levels fees. Ah! I wish to go there, but then I think she must can get scolarship one, she is so intelligent! ;) Taylor's pre-U studies is always the best :D Suddenly I changed my mind, I am so into SAM now... But I don't know whether I can handle it or not =/ Blahhhhhh.
Dad said there's many sudden-test, later I beh tahan and headache again. Yeah, I should guai guai take a-levels la. No course work marks just EXAM *sick smile*
ish...I prefer have course work and presentation to get a better marks, but it was not as easy as I thought.

Still doing research.

I have much thing to write here,but I forgot =/ Brain rusted? *sweat*


p/s: WOW. Lin Yu Zhong is quite muscular eh? His chest seemed nice ;) waiting for next episode of The Adjuster :P

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