Sunday, January 24, 2010


My sisters came back last 2 days, today afternoon already went back to KL. Sigh.
Gonna miss them so much :(

Went to dinner with my parents on Friday. Represented my grandpa to attend the wedding dinner. BORED! Well, knew quite a lot people there, I mean meet new uncle and aunties. sigh. [didn't have leng zai la] Still need to be more sociable...mmm... And need to be more confidence when talking with someone. Saya memang tak baik dalam social skills *_* Wish that I can did as awesome as my sisters! jealous jealous~

Had an incredible scary dream two days ago, I was so afraid. I can't stop sobbing alone.
Sweat. And that's midnight! Well, everything will be OK gua... I am so damn worry. =/

Celebrated grandpa's bday ystrday, the food was just so-so, but the price was damn shocking :O's for my grandpa, so it's absolutely worth it.

Love u grandpa, stay healthy and cute! =)
(remember how I taught u to received the flying kiss from me? hahahha!) =D
Happy Belated Birthday!

Today accompanied my aunt watched SS501's concert =X
She asked my cousin to help her buy it. WELL. THIS CONCERT WAS 3/4 YEARS AGO. So it's kinda old. Cause there's no new concert from them this year? hmm. She enjoyed it so much. She told me she loves him with longer hair, not the latest hair which is shorter one. =X

And she told me everything she knew about that GUY (included his voices, dances or noobnoob facial expression :P) . Yup, the guy who acted as JIHO (Hottest korean drama - Boys Over Flowers).
And I kept nodding my head. hahaha. I just felt that was so funny :P
Not only my aunt, even another of my aunt also so addicted to him.

There's a woman visited my aunt today, and she said she wanted to buy one too.

p/s: Looking back the old clips, found that he's changed a lot. I wonder that he did any plastic surgery or not @.@


Anyway, Kim Hyun Joong is so awesome in their hearts. LOL.

What I did everyday.
Talking to the furry-cat.

Still wishing Happy myself!

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