Thursday, July 29, 2010

Awesome buddies !

First of all, I want to apologize. Daddy and mommy, I skipped Biz Studies class today. Not purposely, I was planned to enter the class during break time, but… just didn’t know why, I was still playing around in Times Square!

I went to Time Square at 11:30a.m. I thought wanna go there earlier with Jocelyn to eat something. She’s lateeee. Arrgh. Anyway, it’s me reached there a lil bit too early (: Damn hungry so went to AuntieAnne’s to have my ‘breakfast’. Jo reaches, planned to eat again since she’s never eat anything. I suggested her to go to GasOnline, when we saw the price list there, we just looked at each other then walk away. Hahaha. Finally, the poor people like us went to a little stall in Times Square to eat cheaper food ;)

Because of she recorded my stupid bowling video, so I have phobia in playing bowling. She played alone for TWICE! Kept masuk longkang and I can’t stop laughing! She kept begging me to play and challenge her, but I stared at her and said NO. My friend kept laughing at me since he watched the video. Not only him, many people also watched it. AHHHHH ;O Jo, u’re so dead!!!

Waited for Zi Hui and Judy for soooo long, I cannot tahan because they never message me or phone me that they will be late or what. I wanted to go back to college to enter the class, but Jo stopped me from doing so. She thought I got angry, and asked me. Honestly, never got angry at them cause I saw them planned and kept asking me where to celebrate my birthday, all these actions really made me feel warm, so I never angry at them. Suddenly, we saw an AWESOME place. We've spent few bucks there to play!
called me suddenly, and asked me why I never asked her to come along to Times Square. AHAHAHAHAA. I asked her to come along. ZHui called Jo and brought me a place, WOW, IT’S GASONLINE! An awesome place =) yay. Saw Judy at there too. Then suddenly, darling cingcing were coming in. I suspected them, their eye-contact = SUSPICIOUS! Well, don’t wanna guess also :P hehehehe.

Phone call from Fatin, me and Jo went out to bring Fatin in. And she’s coming with dear Kat! Hell, they’re skipping class too =P While I was stepping in, they sang birthday song to me! OH MY GOD. I WAS SHOCKED. Naawwwwww. You girls were so sweeeeet! Not only me, Fatin also shocked, she never knew what happened! Hahaha!

I am pretty sure the big bowl of mee attracts you :)

Jocelyn. Munyi. ZiHui.
Jo the one who played twice bowling ALONE!
and sweety Zihui is one of the secret planners!

Yes. Sweetie Judy.
The another secret planner.
Thanks :D

The Spectacles. Familiar?
Hahaha! I asked Jo to buy it during our free time in T.S.!

After that, we went to that awesome place again, but with more 3 girls.
Fatin. Katharine. ZiHui.
I spent another few bucks there! I contributed so much money in the entertainment centre!
arrgghh ;O

I love you girls seriously.

Really do love you all.
When one of you said 'This is your first time celebrating birthday in KL, so wanna give you a memorable one.'
This was so touched! Really! My life in KL becomes more wonderful because of you people! you people! you people! :)

Except saying Thank You, I really have no idea what to say.
I will not forget my 18th Birthday :) with you girls.

I am
18 NOW !


MH said...

cool birthday plan!
happy birthday once again mun yi.
time do pass very fast right? ;)

MunYi said...

It's first of August now. yeahhh. FASTTT! ;(
Thanks for the birthday wish again darling! =) All the best to u! Say no no no to EMO!