Thursday, July 22, 2010

hey darlings!

Hola darlings! Yippiiee! I am back. Well, I am always here =)
I just checked, and saw that July only has one post. -__-"

I did badly during my ass-essment. I surely feel sad but what to do? Who asked me never study for this lil ass-essment. =/ I think my parents are quite worry about me and my life in ATC as I always hang out and lazy to study these days. Hmmmmmmm.

ANyway, Let's start. One by O N E.

$ Yesss. I came back from the superb Bangkok!

$ One of my best mate brought me DURIANS from her house. Aww. This is sooooooo extremely SWEET! Furthermore, she bought me the “Air Pengejuk Badan Cap Kaki Tiga” from 7-Eleven! Thanks. I feel so warm and really thanks! I feel great to have you in my life :D

Anyway, I don’t think I dare to take durians into the bus ANYMORE. Risky and dangerous!

Love u darling! Miss Little Giggles =)


$ Shit Jo’s parents coming down. She will be absent for three days! Miss her!!!! Miss her when I crossing the busy road with busy cars. Definitely not missing her during class ;P

$ ASS-essment results TERUK! Don’t wanna talk about it anymore!

$ Went back to college on last Saturday. Met four students from USCI, they came here to find Company Law and asked for Jocelyn and my help. =____= They can’t enter our library as they weren’t student here. The case they asked me to find is TOO “dingin pintu”, can’t found it at last. I asked them to try at BAC, their reactions were like HUH?! And me and Jo were like HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Anyway, I don’t think BAC has it :PAnd…GANGSTER MOVIE is on scene!!!! NEAR NEAR NEAR MY COLLEGE! Director smiled at me. He’s smiling at me while I am crossing the road!!! Awwww! Stupid Jo said he never smile at me? I think her eyes got prob!

$ Went to Times Square on Sunday. Firstly, I planned to go to college to study Human Rights, after an hour there we will leave and back to college to study! But lastly, I studied nothing. There’s a charity event at there, I wanna meet Jeffrey Cheng one, but he didn’t appear =(

Anyway, I still have a FUN day! Though got a little bit disappointed laa.. ehehehehe. Saw many local artistes. How I wish Xiao Gui was there. Anyway, I saw Rawang Boy. LOLLLLL. My friend took photo with him, and he asked me to take picture with him using his camera. Shocked lar wei! Spent much money in this charity thingy =_____________= But since it can help others, O-K-A-Y L-A-H!

He got married already. But he looked YOUNG! How come!!!
Jo & Me looked at his fingers when we first saw him.

$ Oh huhuhu. Will be having LAN exam today! LAN isn’t a rude word. I wonder why everyone thought I am saying rude or bad words when I am telling them I will have LAN exam. LAN = Lembaga Akreditasi Negara. And I am still blogging here. =) I just do not feel like studying for the stupid test. I am still worrying about tomorrow’s Human Rights test. Hmm hmm hmm.

$ Oh ya! Z.Peng gave me his very very very last badge to me. Hahahaha. LOL. I was shocked. Anyway, I promised him that I will give him mine =) I will be back to hometown to attend Saturday's Leo Club Anniversary. I gotto skip Mr.Sara’s lecture tomorrow! And scolded by my dad =___= Statutory Interpretation! Mr.Sara said it’s super IMPORTANT. Oh Well, I got to skip it cause train tickets are all sold out! There are only tickets left on 11:30P.M. Bloody hell fast those tickets sold out! That’s mean I gotto be so RUSHHHH, after I finish the H.Rights test, I gotto run to Pasar Seni to take LRT to KL Sentral. Really. Pray hard for me. 7 : 0 !!! Need to achieve it!

$ I can’t remember more. Time passes in KL are fast! Treasure the moment here with friends, family and ATC :) Too many amazing people! You guys rock! Anyway,I just knew that I spent lots of money here. And played a lot! Final mock exam is coming very very soon! YES! DYING! =(

All The Best to myself today!

Additional stuffs~!

Xiao Gui's new book.
I will save more money to get it!


I think I already alien-nify ! ;O

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