Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beautiful 18.

Eighteen oh eighteen. I turned to eighteen since yesterday. I am officially EIGHTEEN.

What should an eighteen-year-old teenager do?

Go clubbing just for beer? Legally step into the cinema and tell the whole world that I am ‘qualified’ to watch 18SX or 18SG or 18PA or 18PL movie? Or smokes on the street in front of polices? Or…….. Anything that a 18-year-old girl can do =)

I got loads of wishes from my beloved family. Friends. And Strangers. Thanks.

I’ve got surprise - cake from my college mates.

I’ve got some presents from them too.

Don’t know what to say, just feel that my 18th Birthday is wonderful and beautiful. :)

I went back hometown last Friday just for Anniversary. And before that happened something, and I don't want to mention it again. I really feel like crying that time. But then it PASSED, can't change the fact.

Leo Anniversary not that good. I don’t know what happened with them, how can poor like that. Not a good event. Not I have high expectations on them, just feel that even the basic thingy they also didn’t did. Don’t wanna comment too much here. Anyway, I miss those days I shouted ‘Yuk Kwan, ROAR ROAR ROAR’ will all my dear board of directors. =)

Took during Sports Day XD
I think its on 2009.

Teacher Advisor, Pn. Jeya with me. A teacher who always keep in touch with me. And she told me her stuffs. Don’t worry teacher, everything will be fine :) *winks*

Lion Mary Goh. She got younger and younger. And…very happy that she’s still remember me.

Hui Hui and Shan Yan. Seriously, I got much fun when talking with them.
Perakians are always better than KL folks ;)

I miss my vest!

Darlings, you all are getting prettier and more charming!

The photographer. my dear GG.
The one I manage to meet everytime back to perak =)
Thanks darling.

I participated in a contest last week. After I sent the email, when I check again, I just found that the event is on Sunday. I don’t really want to win it, and I just want to try my luck. Hehe. Yesterday night only remembered I participated, and I thought I was losing because I get no lucky-phone-calls. I clicked on the winner list and saw my name. I was so happy & excited but when I thought of have no transport, I felt =_________________= . Well, still planning.

Birthday is my lucky dayyy! =P

Today class until afternoon manages to go to T.S. to watch movie. Yeah. Me and Jo’s earlier plan. Watched 出水芙蓉 aka The Fantastic Water Babes. I read newspaper review about it only dares to watch it, but I just feel that there’s no main point in this movie. It’s a Love story, but…I don’t get what it means. Just an hour and 40minutes movie, and I wasted few bucks on it. Whatever, there’s a cutie inside the movie, it’s Alex Fong. Hahahaha! Anyway, peeps, don’t go to watch it, okay? Really not that good although there’re 3 scenes that really LMAO!

Signed out for study! Econs test this Friday. Mr.Khor was giving me pressure yesterday and today when I stepped into college, I SAW HIM!!!! And he said, “Hi Mun Yi, How are you today?”

For me, it sounds like “Hi Mun Yi, Did u studied yesterday night?”


Ciaoz! And Happy Belated Birthday to myself! XD

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