Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Sept. !

It’s September, babies. Time passes soooo darn fast until I got scared!
Used to hang out with see mei this afternoon, but I do not feel well, so got to cancel our outing. Glad that she understands my situation, haha, I am so warmed this time because normally if I FFK her, she will definitely screw me out! Hahahaha! Nah, thank you ar butt-y! hahaha!

Ahha! My story begins with this blardlysweetnice picture. Guess what! That day I went to KL Sentral to ask for train tickets, and late for class. Okay, I admit I do not want to enter the class so freaking early cuz’ Biz class is boring enough. The lazy JO also followed me and we had breakfast together at KFC in KL Sentral together before enter class. Reach college. Knew that Ms.Coreen absent and replaced by Mr.Edgar. ARRGGH. I don’t even dare to step into the class and I decided to skip it since he only ask us to copy this and that =x (Okay, sorry daddy for lying). Victoria and Evonne has no class, so Me and JO accompany them to go for Lunch. OMGGGGGG. What the….! I can’t believe my eyes, once we stepped out from college, I walked, and saw a bunch of people shooting there, I was so curious and walk faster to have a look. I screamed and Evonne looked at me weirdly. I WAS LIKE AHH AHH AHH that type and they ran towards me and their turn to AHHH =___=


The one we always watches him on tv! DAMNNNNN YAO YENG! Not only that, he’s soooo friendly! He said HI to us *freaking happy!* Evonne was the one who’s the craziest, can know that she really like him a lot by the way she looked at Shaun. Hahaha. The sweetest thing is he took photos with us even though he’s rushing that time! =))
Sorry for neglected you, main actress :P
Evonne was so sick that day, but after she saw him, she became so ENERGETIC and started to talk non-sense. Haha. I think she almost fainted that day. Anyway, it’s our DAY! =D

Currently addicted with a Korean drama named My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.
I forgot how I know this drama, anyway, it’s not the main point, but it’s story line is sooooo nice! And I always can’t wait to watch the next episode. It’s a very very new drama, and ya, I AM WATCHING FOR EPISODE 9!!!! XD
U gotto watch this urself and I am not going to say anything here. AWW. Tae-Hung ah!

The girl Shin Min-A always ask the guy Lee Seunggi for MEAT. LOL.

Not really like this girl.
But then, I liked her hair. Wanna cut it, but have no idea can be pretty as her or not


Yeah. I liked Song Hyekyo since Full House.
So sweet and sometimes can be so sexy!
The main actress of Gumiho always remind me of her :)

Shin Min-A.
Yeah. She's the main actress of Gumiho.
She looked sweet yet pretty. Simple and nice.
You might know her if you watch A Love To Kill, starred by Rain and her.


Last Saturday went to KLCC to meet Mei Mei. She came to KL with her bro for the bookfair. I took a quite long time to reach KLCC but too bad, she just stayed at there for a while, so nothing special, we just walk walk walk and talk talk talk. I met my childhood hero at the bookfair! 徐有利! Do you guys still remember 哥妹俩!? I quickly went to buy his comic and wish to get his autograph, but too bad, he sat at there for a long time and when my turn, he is not allowed to sign any books :( Seriously SAD. And lastly ended with no autograph on the book, it’s Okay, as long as my childhood dream realize which I met him! =)

She went back much earlier, I was alone in the bookfair. I told my friend to come at 5pm actually. Anyway, I roam-ed at there and Bryan called me =) We talked for 30minutes! Ngek ngek ngek.
Oh ya, Bryan is WAI HONG. Later my college friends thought it's another Bryan -.-"
After that I walked back to Suria KLCC to shop alone. Lonely eh! Lastly, I decided to go to food court to spend my time while waiting for my friends. Oh ya, while waiting I read the comic that I bought during bookfair. :P FINALLY THEY REACH!
After had our dinner, we walked out and just to sit there. Hmm. Snapped few pictures too! The old me, I taught them some silly poses! Hahha, others looed weirdly, I mean WEIRDLY at us =D I never feel scared! hehe.

Pretties with a so-so background ;P

Have no idea who's the man behind ;P

Went to see JJ last Sunday. With Jia Hao and Zhen Bang.
They should thank me la. Anyway, many EMO =( and happy things happened that night. HAHAAHA. I met JJ again, looked at his smile and touched his hands again, woots, but the EXCITED feeling not as excited as before. Is it… a sign that… growing older? =/
LOL, but jia hao was damn happy until cannot sleep!
The next day, they came to my college and met me, I brought them to petaling street and we went to Times Square together. HAHAHAHHAHAHA, I THOUGHT OF MANY FUNNY INCIDENTS, CANNOT STOP LAUGHING MYSELF IN FRONT MY LAPPY! HAHAHAHA, and I AM LAZY TO WRITE IT HERE! =P Old friends ar old friends, are still the funniest! Hahahah. God bless them, they still can ‘chase’ the train.
I want to give a BIG FAT HUG to Jocelyn Wong! =) Thanks a lot!


Yeah, I started to love my hair. What Lala or Gam Mou, so what, I just feel that my hair is special and started to feel that many people dye this colour. Okay, I might be too perasan, but this is the fact. LOL! Yellow, so… ? HAHAHA! The next thing I want to do with my hair is, CUT IT SHORTERRRR! =)

p/s: To pamper myself for this exhausted day, I ordered McDelivery. So tired of do all the housework and washing a basket of clothes =( Washing machine dah broken :’(

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims! =)
And Happy Holidays to all students


Kampung,tunggulah aku! :)


MH said...

It's been a looong time since a looong post like this. what a feast to my eyes! Hehe :D


Mei said...

{clicking like on the photo with the singapore actor} *LIKE*

Munyi said...

Mh, come come. Petaling Street welcomes u! =P

Mei, datang ke petaling street juga, maybe u can meet Suju @.@