Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my day!

28/09/2010. Tuesday.

It's my day! My Day!
I went to Times Square to meet my sweetestshitfriend Jocelyn :) I miss her sooo much. Really! :D But I am not sure whether she misses me or not lahh. hahaha. We had Auntie Anne's to fill up our blank stomach first, then only go to Little Taiwan or Shi Lin Taiwan (I just can't remember the name) to have our lunch.

After that, we went to buy movie tickets! AHHHH MMUAHAHAHAHHAA. Legend of the Fist - The Retun of Chen Zhen.
Waited for this movie since June! :D As usual, we will go to level 6 to search new games to play. The Car Game. Normally I will keep shouting or talk loudly while playing that game, but yesterday, both of us were steady and so damn cool. LOL. And the outcome really shocked us, 103% !!! I think we had break the record as the highest score I saw is 95% only! MUAHAHAAHHAAHAHAA. We were so excited! And DEFINITELY, WE ARE THE CHAMPION! We saw another new game, just sooo stupid ;P

Okie. Time for movie. Donnie Yen, you do have a great body. My friend said I'm colour wolf. Excuse me? He's intelligent and I like the way he played piano. Check it out in youtube! hahahahaa!
Huhuhu! The example of future husband eh? Movie ended, then balik rumah. The coolest thing is... NOOOO RAIN!!! Ada yan zhi dan, tak ada hujan! A very very good day for me! :D
And the best thing is, I managed to reach home before 5! How awesome!

Night. Sis bungkus McD for me as dinner. She asked me to help her to burn a disc as she needs it asap! I helped her for SURE. Suddenly, she told me that she gotta leave to Pulau Redang tonight at 10pm! I was like... WHAT!? And she'll only be back on Friday. Sigh! She will be having meeting there and plenty activities that organized by company. Hooo :-/

The craziest thing is She asked me to fetch her go to KLCC. And I shocked once again! I swear I never drove there before and I don't even remember the road! @.@
She seemed so rush and I think it's okay if there's many roadsigns. lol. I asked her for twice whether there's roadsigns or not, she said YES. YES. and YES. Reached KLCC, she called her colleague, and I didn't know what had happened, she said she needed to go to Hartamas - HER OFFICE. I was so damn scared, and it's quite late already. Eldest sis called her and talked to her, she said don't know whether safe or not if park there. oH SHEEET =S

She asked me how, whether I want to go back home or not. I haven't tell her my decision, she said I'll Teach You How To Come Back Home. She was driving and keep telling me which way which way to go and I paid FULLL attention with what she said, and most important, I don't want to have any accident or I'll afraid if I get lost late at night! I dropped her, and I tried to follow every roadsigns.

I used highway and paid rm1.60, and passed by Batu Caves (Okie, I am driving a rigth wayyy). And paid another RM2 for the DUKE highway. Alright, finally. Finally, I'm lost after passing the DUKE highway -.-"
I followed roadsign, and I have no idea with where should I go as the word AMPANG has gone! BAAHHH! Ampang Park is beside me, god, gimme a sign. Which way I should go. Straight? Right? or LEFT!? While I'm waiting for the traffic, and it suddenly turned GREEN, I quickly turn on the signal and move my car to left.
The car behind me horned me and I don't care, anyway I must must must turn left ! =____=
Okay, Left, turned. I am still lost. Not sure where am I.
But very very lucky, suddenly saw Bulatan Pandan. Thank God. Way to go back home! :D

Finally, FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, I am driving through the road I am damn familiar with!
Reached home safely, almost 12a.m.
Eldest sis opened the door and said, Good, Still can come back home. LOLL. What the... -.-"
I am amazed by myself!
It sounds easy, but actually it was so damn HARD!

Yay. I got car to drive again to anywhere. Do not need to wait for bus or walk out and buy dinner again!

Another thing brighten my day is... walala! Tell you guys another day!

I don't know why my dad dislikes him.
Xiao Gui so comel!

Off! =))


MH said...

This is so crazy!!
Hahaha yeah it really scary to drive in a stranger road but luckily finally you got it right! Oh my gosh my heart was bumping when I read your post!
You got a car eh, learn the road to genting klang! Hahaha!

Munyi said...

u understand my feeling eh!
Genting Klang? Okay, gimme some time! ;P

MH said...

that time I was driving to Tronoh, okay although it's only Tronoh but that time rain super damn heavy! Was so so so scared ya know?! Hahahaha!

Then after that I tot that I was genius ady. hahahahaha!