Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Monday should be the first day going back to college, but in the end, I decided to go to Johor with my sister and mother. My sis went to Kluang (a small town in Johor) for a case, and went to Kluang's Magistrates court to solve it. Feels extremely passionate when seeing lawyers stood in front of judge and start debating. :) My sis did a great job for sure. Got a chance to sit in the court and witnessed the process, real Great.
After that, we went to my mom's old friend's house, an uncle that contributed much in Chinese societies.
Then, sis drove another 45minutes to Batu Pahat to visit her old friends. An awesome one day trip.

Today is Tuesday. Second day of college.
Sigh for everything. I drove to college today, and stucked in the traffic for 45minutes. Jam like shit! ;( All the way from Segambut to Jln.Petaling just needs 15minutes, but this time, oh, it's just shit. Had Business class and Econs class today. Thank God, Mr.Khor didn't call my name, normally he will call my name and to answer this and that. :) Miss my college mates a lot. I mean a lot.
And, A2 syllabus are getting more tougher, I estimated, time isn't really enough for me, As u know, I am damn playful! and DAMN LAZY! =/

Went back home then went to the wrong way, spent more than an hour to go back home. Oh, I am such a noob! ;( And once again, jam like shit! And I cannot stop yelling in the car. AHH.
Tired. Do not feel like typing more and more. I am really tired! Will have class everday! ;(
Econs class three days a week! Gosh. It's really killing me. And lecturers started to peer pressure on us! Going to have a tougher study life and need to work more harder.
Feel like crying at the same time. Today while having econs class, Mr.Khor suddenly talk about AS examination questions, I was like, OH SHIT. I DID WRONGLY. This really influenced me at that time. :( So stresss. A2 Law subject includes Tort law and contract law! Kill me please. Kill me!

Need to check out the Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. cases. Research again and again.
Stress attacks and no more honeymoon life. =/


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