Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Blues.

Why Monday blues happens? -.-"
Okay, ignore the Blues first.

Yesterday night came back from Batu Gajah, super jam. Incredible jam. Really. But then, yesterday wasn't the worst among all, my sis been tried to use 4hours++ to just come back to KL from Batu Gajah last time, and yesterday we used 3hours++.

Events in Batu Gajah. I went to Clearwater with a bunch of friends. =)
Picnic. Haha. Even though doesn't have many food, but then still know that they planned well and got ready, they have the heart to do all these. Appreciate. :)

This photo without kai yan the sweetie.

This without Mei Mei the Aunty 13?

Attended this picnic, sacrificed something. Anyway, at least I enjoyed here with my bunch of friends. Once the choice made, you must enjoy it.
Studied economics, so I always thought of opportunity cost. Opportunity cost means the next best alternative forgone. (Wednesday will be having last paper! :))
Mr.Khor told us that Econs is important in our lives, and yeah, it's true. The exchange rate topic helped me last time. :)

I spent much time at home, never went to Ipoh. Enjoyed the time at home, I did nothing, and my dad keep staring at me, and I looked at him, from our eye-contact, I knew that he's worrying my studies. Haha. I went to do Econs past year questions, then after 10mins, I went to living room and stick in front the tv. He's really speechless that time. :P
But then, don't worry, I know what I am doing right now. I worked hard in library! Haha.
Yes. I miss my dad and mom. Stay healthy my dear. :)
Stay healthy too, grandpa.

Gang gathering coming soon. Still don't have idea what to buy. AHH =/
Anyway, looking forward that day! It must be fun! FIRST ANNIVERSARY =D
And, really, I miss you girls so much!

I knew how's my real feeling. Somehow just weird. Not falling in love, peeps, stop guessing.
So... When is our next date? :)
It must be 3 weeks later. =(

Have plenty of activities after exam! Never worry my exam, but my results! Sucks right? lol.
I just can't wait for the day that have completely 100% freedom! wheeeee! (Starting to get high again.)

11:43a.m., wonder today's first meal will be McD again or not? I don't really like McD now, I am afraid of fast food.
Bangi Kopitiam food wasn't that good, I do not want to spent money at that place though the environment is nice :P
Mamak stalls, all indians, still remember that day went to eat, they're all looking at me, as I'm the only chinese.
And the Pen'yu, do not want to step in again. They're so friendly to me until I'm afraid later they will keep looking at me when I'm eating. Last time went to "da pao" something, they keep bla bla bla, and that time I was rushing. But their smiles really made my day! :) They kept asking me visit them again. LOOOOOLLLL.
And others kopitiam and restaurants, do not feel like stepping in. ~.~
I think I should go to ampang point there to have some sushi ALONE, or find any other thing to eat, hopefully there's a car park for me. Usually it's FULL.
These are all what I thinking everytime I woke up if I'm at home. Wanted to go out to have lunch with Jo, but I think she hasn't wake up yet. -.-"

Oh ya, I'm happy! LIVERPOOL!
Torres scored! Scored twice! OMG! U're back u're back!!! =)
U're the hero of the match! Chelsea *waves*

Hungry attacks. Off! :)

Monday Blues *KICK!*

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