Thursday, November 11, 2010


Seriously, I've tried to sleep, after 2 hours, I am still awake.
What the hell. I really wanted to sleep but failed.
Failure! ;(

I'm not very happy recently, but who knows. Something that really bothers me, but who to talk to? Not saying that u're not my friend or whatever shits, but then sometimes really damn pissed off!
Honesty is good, but it might hurts others. AHHH. This is truly shit.
Argh. Anyway, life goes on.

慧海法师said this before,

Keep smiling though you're really moody. And everything can be solved.
And this is the reason why I smile! This is not being fake, but this statement is so true.

My problem just need time.

Yeah. I am still hyper now. I CAN'T SLEEP.

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