Friday, March 18, 2011

An awake morning...

Finished exam yesterday, what a tiring day. The very first time I could write a ultra long essay for business paper. Spent 3 hours, my ass... ouch.
After that, hung out with some dudes and two babes. ;) Had a very nice time together.
Went to Puchong for Shabu Shabu . Not bad, I ate many porkballs and pork. I likey the pork meat there, niceeee. =)
After that, we tot wanna watch movie, but then it's too late, and I was so exhausted cuz' I spent whole night to study business, scared fall asleep while driving. -.-"
Then we went to Sense Cafe located in IOI Mall. I liked Mei Sim's voice :) Nice!

Headache while driving. ~.~

Just a short post. I was so tired yesterday but I just can't sleep, i woke up early in the morning..
Anyway, will share the photos soon! :)
Got to go out soon to hang out with my best buddies in kay ell at Sungei Wang ;) Will be having lunch at Toilet Concept! AGAIN! hahaha. I will force myself to try Shitty-shaped-icecream today!

Currently in love with my life at KL. (:

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