Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wake up! It's November. :) I hope November is a lucky month for me!

I got sick since the day I had steamboat with SeeMei and Kar Mun, seriously SICK. My stomach not feeling well at all, this situation already made me suffer for few days, at least 4 days. I think that night I must be crazy, I just eat non stop for three hours with See Mei. Kar Mun ate so less, I shouldn't follow see mei... =( But my mouth just can't stop chewing all the meats! damnnn. Really dai sei la me. aiks.
I got better today, finally, I went to Pavillion with my friend yesterday, yeah, skipped Contract class. I was planned to visit doctor but end up to go shopping mall to eat something. After that, I saw her bought Snowflake, I also follow. Reach home, I put the fried rice into microwave, after that I ate snowflake as dessert. The main point is, that time I was still feel so dizzy and wanted to vomit, but.... my mouth, again! T.T
I almost finished the whole snowflake(normally I CAN'T FINISH IT ALONE), I saw it still got few tea-spoons left, I stopped, I really not feeling well. Finally, after suffered for one and a half hour, I vomited all what I had for dinner. *Champion face*

What's on earth made me eat non-stop! I really feel like dying yesterday night! WHOLE NIGHT! My sisters weren't at home, I'm all alone, how pity! =( Feel like going to see doctor, but I don't have the energy to drive. I 'whatsapp' my dad and told him I vomited all the things out, he cared about me for sure. I didn't dare to eat or drink anything, I scared my stomach can't take it. I swore yesterday that if I still not feeling well today, I wanna go to visit the lovely yet money-eater doctor =P God bless, I feel better compare with the half dead yesterday, but the stomach still a bit.... anyway, just feel so weird!
Received call just now, Zi Hui called me, and told me that bloody PTPTN stuffs need to solve within this week. I only left 2 days. The evil thing is, I still need to find someone to certify for me. I dislike to go to balai polis to let those evil policemen bully us. Especially one of the pegawai there, I really feel like complain and punch him. Seriously, I wish I can use something to hit him -_-" Lazyshitpeopleever. I don't feel like going out yet I don't have the energy to walk so far to get my car and drive back to college =___= Hope I can solve everything tomorrow cuz' I'm not in Malaysia starts from Thursday morning. =)

OH. AND University of London thingy. Luckily I managed to solve everything before leaving. Still left that chaaaching chaaching Pounds payment! I felt sorry everytime when ask my dad to pay all the application fees, college fees, registration fees..., in Pounds. And I really hate myself when I just slacking around and don't do revision at all. If my parents know it, they must be very sad and disappointed. =/ (oh crap)
My mom always remind me that when you feel that you're bored with studies and keep complaining with what you're having now, think of those who wanted to get education but can't. So, be grateful. I swear I want to finish LLB, so that I can make my parents proud. I am not the intelligent type, I believe all the workings will make ur dream come true. Well well well, its ok to grumble some time. ^_^V
I adore my friends' intelligence a lot.

I heard this sentence before, I forgot it came out from whose mouth. =P

Countdown 2 days! 丹丹 I'm coming!

My masterpiece named Triple S eel.
Sexy, Sleepy and Sick. hahahahaha!

Take care peeps! I'll be back soon!

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