Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am a boring person. I need a book entitled 'How to make friends'.
Or, 'How to be an interesting human'.

Ahh. Stress.


Well, life.

I found that my brain has a little radio, it can't stop playing songs. I realised it since I'm 9. Haha.
Yi Ran Ai Ni by Leehom... still playing. =)

My mind got messed up! :(

There's no point of posting this post.


Rui C. said...

If you think you're boring, you will never be interesting =/

You don't need those books, young lady. Write your own ^.^

By the way, I checked out the song by leehom. Even though it wasn't a direct recommendation, I still thank you for mentioning it because I liked it =D

It's so nice hearing songs in my native tongue. Makes me think of home.

Helloimmunyi said...

No problem yo ;)