Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Accidentally viewed my friend's blog, she can turn impossible to possible, a thing that I don't dare to do in my life. Bravo! Hope her little dream comes true, and I'm sure will be very happy for her. :)
'Love makes us strong'. This time I agree with this statement.
I'm looking forward to see her soon, and of course my holiday. Eager to have holiday!

Blogger said If you think you're boring, you will never be interesting. The fact is I'm really a boring person, though I know what's the problem but never take steps to solve it, guess that I have social phobia. Sweat*
Was doubting myself whether a Leo or not, papers stated clearly that my birthdate is Leo, but I think I'm not. I don't have the Leo spirit. D:

Won't be going for the COMPULSORILY talk held in college today, a talk by Doctor Peter Morisson. Bet that won't be many people cuz it starts from 6:30pm till 9:30p.m. =/

Don't bother that talk, I wanna do well on my common law paper tmr! Good luck everyone! :D

Pic took during MPH bookfair. Hehehehe.

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Rui C. said...

Oh god, I want to jump on that costumes head so bad!!