Thursday, December 8, 2011

last post.

Yesterday's sky.

Just now there was a guy playing guitar and played Na Xie Nian at college lobby. Still feel that he's so cool even though I'm not the girl who sat beside & looked at him as if he's singing for her :P Okie, who knows, maybe he really played that song for that girl.

Lappy died. I don't know what happened just knew that there's lot of useless worms inside its body. I'm emo.

Cheer me up people! Cheer me up please! Feel insecure and uncertain. :(

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Anonymous said...

That is such an amazing picture, Helloimmunyi =D I'm glad you posted it.

Insecurity hits everyone, but it never feels good, so I hope you can move on from that dreaded feeling.

Just look at how pretty the sky is! That's at least worth a tiny grin :)

Helloimmunyi said...

Hahaha thanks for ur comments. I went through ur blog, 5 posts, nice photographs! But too bad, I can't leave a comment there. Anyway, nice to meet u! I am Mun Yi :)

Yea, the sky is so pretty. Smile, my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mun Yi nice to meet you too ^.^

And why couldn't you leave a comment?

My comments are labeled as "Monkeys" instead of "comments" hehe.

But it's alright, I am just as happy that you even visited my site ^.^