Thursday, December 22, 2011


I thought of Macau tonight. Missing all the fun having there. :')

Feel so happy whenever there's a person told me that he or she's happy when seeing me. Although its a little thing, but I still feel delighted & a feeling that hardly to describe. It happened some time ago (its often, hahahha), but till just now my friend posted something on my wall again, I just feel berry berry happy! :D I miss her too. :)

Anyway, its late now. Good night everybody & Happy Holiday! Happy Dong Zhi! Merry Xmas! & lastly, Happy New Year! :)
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Rui C. said...

It is a great feeling ^.^

And happy holidays to you, Mun Yi.

Helloimmunyi said...

Yes Rui. Thanks a lot :)
How are you lately? Merry Christmas my dear blogspot friend! :D

Rui C. said...

Hehe ^.^ I'm good. I just received my new camera and is running around the city taking pictures (literally running around the city - for the past two days). I can finally update my blog with the pictures t(^.^t)

What about you? What are you up to lately, and any holiday plans?

Helloimmunyi said...

Woah! Can't wait for ur new post then! :D Love ur photographs :) Feel happy too for the arrival of ur new camera!
I went vack to my hometown to spend my holiday with my family & my high school friends. I'm now currently studying at another state, if driving its 2hours far from my hometown ^ ^

Having holiday too? Is it snowing there? :D