Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Good afternoon Bloggers and visitors. Happy 20.10.2010. Celebrations, anyone? (:

Still having AS exam, duhh, not in study mood at all. I mean AT ALL. Just to jot down what I did last week or few days. I want to reread it when my exam ends :P

- I went to play pool with Jocelyn as we never tried to play before. Quite fun, but we played noob-ly. I guess I can play pretty well because Times Square just like my second home, I can go there anytime to practice. Lol.

- Few days before my first ever paper, Law Paper 1. I went to watch movie with Lithia and Jocelyn in Pavillion. Dinner For Schmucks. I really like this movie! Comedy yet inspiring! Haha. Make sure you are above 18 years old before you bought the ticket.

- Ampang Korean town has Koreans’ Day for three days, so I asked Fatin (Korean wannabe) and Jo came and join this festival! And LUCKIEST thing is I got a car to use that day. Fatin reached Ampang and she can’t believe that she’s in Malaysia. And seriously, sometimes when I’m in Korean Town, I feel like I am the foreigner. They were so enjoyed living here and jumping around. Hehe. I brought them go to Ampang Galaxy, inside the mall there’s a shop sell korean stuffs. Then I brought them to Bangi Kopitiam which located near my house to have lunch, after that we went to that korean festival. Koreans are HOT and CUTE. Yes, in the middle, we met Khartish and Reshven. Ampang dude and Cheras dude. They secretly filmed us when we're shop for second hand clothes and posted in FACEBOOK. Gonna sue them under Human Rights Act, Artical 8!
Saw someone really looked like Hongki. We bought food and drinks, let them walked around, then we went to Ampang Point, we bought shirts! Cute shirts! After that went to Sushi King and lastly, I fetched them to LRT station. :)
A very wonderful day.

- Sunday. A day before Law Paper 1, I went to library with Jo. Whatdaheck. I just simply said I feel like watching movie, and Jo took my words seriously. I booked the ticket via phone then we went to T.Square. Both of us felt guilty, but what to do, we bought tickets from reservation counter. We watched Detective Dee. SheeetJo kept telling me that she liked that guy, even in the cinema while watching the movie. Whatever. It’s a very memorable day. I can’t let me dad knows about it! HAHAHA. Carina Lau’s eyebrows were funny. Hahaha! I can’t recall what happened that day cause this was a superb risky day, hey people, THE PAPER IS ON NEXT DAY MAN! =.=

- Exam. Law Paper 1 is on Monday. Paper went smoothly. After exam, went to T.S to have sushi with Evonne, Victoria, Jocelyn, Stephanie and Steph’s bf. Her bf was damn funny. Haha.
Law Paper 2 was on Friday. I did it farking bad. Whatdafak I wrote on that paper, I can’t remember at all! What I knew it’s I was crapping! Paper 2, please, let me pass, seriously. This time really only can depends on my luck. I shouldn’t have McD the day before my exam! I shouldn’t sleep whole night in a air-cond room! I shouldn’t eat many snacks every night before I sleep! I WAS SICK DURING THIS IMPORTANT EXAM. DAMNNN LAAA! ;(
The funniest thing was I drove to school (my sis went to S'pore, so she left her car here), and I reached college and trying to park nearby college, I was driving back home again. Shit. I quickly find somewhere to U-turn, luckily I was not late for the exam!
Argh. God, please please please,
PLEASE BLESS ME! Well, not me, but my Paper!

- Yesterday night reached KL. Feel too over comfortable at home until cannot study. Guess what, I wasted four days in Perak. Awwhyeah. Typical lazy munyi! Business Studies, you’re just so boring. Failure! You failed to make me feel that you’re interesting and I failed to feel that you’re attractive! Both failures! Next paper will be coming pretty soon. Errrk!

- I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP, though he’s quite handsome.

- Our next date -.-“ Looking forward? NO. =/ Hope will enjoy that day.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is all about Time Square, Movies, Sushi and hangouts. I should post something all about studies another day!

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Bye peeps! :D


Mei said...

want to click "like" on your player... coz got shinee's hello!!! ahhahahaha!!!

bring me to koreans' day next time!!!

Munyi said...

Yeah sure buddy :)