Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I feel extremely emo today.
It is not because of exam, though it really does affects me a little bit.
But it's another thing that bothers me. It's not thing, should be THINGS.
Many things made me suffer.
I feel so bad.
I feel so moody.
I feel so down.

And, today I feel that I'm actually a devil.
Don't try to console me by good words, I am not good as what you all think.
I am not a very good person.
I am totally changed today, I do not feel like talking or laughing.

Leave me alone.
Iamsodamnfarkingdepressed. =(


leo boo said...

cheer up ~ =)

Munyi said...

boo, welcome back :)
Thanks. You too, good luck in SPM! and cheer up all the time!